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The following pictures can be used as 'wallpaper' on your computer screen. For Internet Explorer users, simply click on an image, when the page is fully loaded, right click and select 'Set as Wallpaper'. Job done! Enjoy! Most images have been optimised for a 800 x 600 display. If yours is different, you may need to save the image instead and open it in a graphics package to make it the correct size. Each image will take approx 10-20 seconds to load.
The following images can be freely used & distributed but not charged for or used for advertising purposes.

Rover for Thunderbirds?

Rover 75 Coupe for Thunderbirds?.
If they made it, it may just look like this!

MG-X power

MG-XPower Logo .
If you are into MG's, this will look good as wallpaper. (1024x768)


Rover Logo.
The latest logo looking good on your desktop. (1024x768)

Rover 75 Coupe

Rover 75 Coupe Concept.
A beautifull car designed to celebrate Rovers centenary.

City Rover - CityRover

The new CityRover.
Small Car - Big Ride!


The new StreetWise Rover.
A car based on the Rover 25, classed as an 'on-roader'.
Mean & moody at a budget.

MG SV from MG Rover

The MG SV in all it glory.
OK! it not a Rover but it comes from the same Company,
and just look at those body lines. Excellent.


WOW! Fly me to the moon or wot? This is fast?
A dragster in the guise of a MG-ZT or Rover 75,
just a tad faster - thats all.

RoverTorque 'ome page?

How about the RoverTorque Website?
or something like it, set it as your wallpaper and
drive your friends mad!.. or yourself.

Rover Logo

The pre-2004 Rover Logo,
looks good in the centre of your screen!

Rover 75

A Rover 75 (the first one off the new longbridge facility),
the image has been 'tweaked' to appear as
though it is a hand painting.

MG Mix
OK! Maybe not Rover cars,
but a very nice mix of MG racing cars with trophy.


Goodwood, Sunday 19th Feb. 2000.
A superb Rover day, & look at that Sunset,
you couldn't paint it any better!

Black 800 Vitesse

A Very nice looking Black Vitesse,
sadly no longer with us, but the memory lingers!

Blue trooper

One 'HOT' looking Blue Rover.


The Rover KV6 Engine,
looking good! (black & white)


If you like the look of the 2001 MG's,
how about having these babies along the bottom of your screen?

(black & white).


Or..on the other hand,
how about having them in colour?

Red 200

WOW! Is Lee Kileys' Red 200 Hot or Wot!

R75, Wooley style

Richard Woolleys interpretation of the Rover 75.

The images above can be freely distributed but not charged for or used for advertising purposes.

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